2020 has been a difficult year, leading many people to drink more than usual. According to Alcohol Change UK, one in four of us who drink alcohol want to cut down in 2021. Taking a month off from drinking is a great way to reset your relationship with alcohol. It may even help you to cut down on drinking long-term. Research suggests that participating in Dry January makes a person twice as likely to stay alcohol-free for the whole month and drink more healthily long term.

Benefits of taking part include:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of Diabetes
  • Lowered Cholesterol
  • Reduced levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood
  • Save money

With many reasons to take part, Dry January is the perfect opportunity to build a healthier relationship with alcohol and put yourself in control. To help you along the way, Alcohol Change UK have released ‘Try Dry: The Dry January App’ which is available to download for free. The app is a great tool for understanding your drinking habits. It allows you to track your units, calories, and money saved. Download the app to help you get started on your Dry January journey. Other things that may help you on your journey include:

  • Reaching out for support from family and friends
  • Setting yourself goals
  • Plan fun events that don’t involve drinking alcohol
  • Treat yourself using the money you’ve saved
  • Make yourself a plan for when you have the urge to drink. This could include going outdoors or taking yourself away from the situation that is tempting you to drink.


If you would like to promote this event, we have free downloadable resources on our website including our Dry January Display Poster