We are The White Ribbon Association, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of the effects that drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and more can have on a person. 

Our mission has changed since the charity’s formation in 1876, where WRA was heavily involved in the Temperance Movement of the nineteenth century. We have now adapted our objectives and delivery methods to suit 21st century society. Our primary aim is to equip individuals with information on the effects of our chosen topics and provide them with resources to find help and advice.


We offer a range of services to schools, colleges and community venues including health hubs and libraries. These include our Health Display Boards for both adults and children. Visit the Our Services page for more information.

In addition to this, we also provide a plethora of FREE resources for children, teachers, groups and individuals to use including activities, posters, PowerPoints and more – all of which cover a wide range of topics. Visit our Resources page to find out more information and download any FREE of charge.



In addition to the current services that we provide, the charity also possesses extensive records of its 140+ year history. Not only is the history recorded in writing, but The White Ribbon Archives also contain physical evidence and products from the 19th and early 20th century. Anyone is free to make enquiries in order to find out more, or even arrange to visit the archives at our headquarters. Take a look at the Our History page for more information.