10.That is the amount of Premier League football teams that have aligned themselves with gambling outlets via shirt sponsorship. With 20 teams competing in the division overall, this means that there is a 50% chance that when you see a Premier League team’s kit, gambling will be endorsed on the front. The influence of gambling on the sport doesn’t just stop merely at shirt partnerships either. Should you decide to tune into a game on TV; whether it be coverage from BT Sport or Sky Sports, the match will be sponsored by UK-based gambling outlets, Bet365 or SkyBet; with other companies having ad-slots in between.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how viewers like myself can be sucked into the pandemic that is gambling; particularly when I’m able to merge it with one of my favourite hobbies. The thought of being able to put my theory into practice by betting on the outcome of the result which I believe will happen can offer some form of gratification; as well as monetary gain at the end of it. It’s as though sport is being used to not only offer the carrot of winning money, but also trying to appeal to the determined side of me that wants my knowledge to be tested and confirmed.

A report by the government’s gambling commission showed that 53% of people who were studied had seen a gambling advert in the previous week. Couple that with the data that shows 76% of football fans are likely to gamble, and a pattern begins to emerge. Many people are being overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of gambling adverts – and are lured in as a result.

The revenue from sponsorship and gambling is so vast for football clubs of all levels, that they will never take a stance against it. Therefore, it must come from the governing bodies above. The Premier League, The Football Association and the Government have to say enough is enough by taking an anti-stance against the use of gambling sponsorships at both club and TV level.

Until then, though, what can I do in order to prevent myself from being lured into the idea of betting on games and outrights in general?


I can persuade myself that regardless of my thoughts, it’s not possible to know 100% what the outcome of a betting situation would be, therefore it’s not worth the risk.


The easiest thing to do once I see a gambling advert during a football game is to whip my phone out and access one of the many gambling service apps. If I feel as though I don’t have the will power to prevent myself from gambling, there are plenty of services, such as GAMSTOP, that I can access which prevent me from being able to use gambling services within the United Kingdom. Visit https://www.gamstop.co.uk/ for more information.

Seek Advice

Visit websites from verified institutions and governing bodies to get more information on how to prevent falling into an addiction such as the NHS https://bit.ly/3cM62O2 or the Government’s Gambling Commission https://bit.ly/3dKgp6u