We love to receive enquiries for our Archive; with so many records held in our Archives including detailed handwritten Meeting Minutes and Annual Reports going back to the early days of the British Women’s Temperance Association, it gives us another opportunity to spend time looking through these important and interesting records bringing our history and importantly the women involved, to life.

So we were excited to receive an enquiry recently from a researcher hoping to find mention of a member of the NBWTA in Wales during the early 1900’s. We were able to go back to the Annual Reports that were produced at the time which provide us with detailed information on the yearly activities of the Association. We looked at the Branch Reports which gave updates and at the statistics which showed who the Branch Presidents and Secretaries were and numbers of members.


After some time searching we managed to find mention of the Branch that we were looking for and then finally sure enough the name of the person we were looking for was also listed. It’s great to be able to report back that we have found the person someone was looking for. Another great source of information can be found in our publication – The White Ribbon, of which we hold copies dating back to 1897. Branch updates were also included in this publication with important events, speakers and news being shared with members across the Association.

It is very easy to get completely side tracked whilst looking through these pages with so many interesting articles jumping out; what started out as a straight forward name hunt can quickly turn into something that has consumed many more hours and of course that is not to mention reading the (usually!) beautifully handwritten meeting minutes. It is hard not to appreciate the time it would have taken to write and present these minutes and the women behind the words come alive when viewing pen to paper, quite different to the typed reports we can quickly type up today. It really does look like the pen has been put down just a few moments ago…..

We are lucky to still have these records so looking after them for the future is very important to enable us to continue sharing this amazing history. Maybe one of your ancestors might have been a member of the British Women’s Temperance Association…….

We love to hear from you so please contact us at info@white-ribbon.org.uk or for Archive enquires archives@white-ribbon.org.uk. Alternatively our telephone number is (0121) 744 3214.