During December, the White Ribbon Association promotes the Christmas Drink and Drug Drive Campaigns, co-ordinated by police forces across the country during the Christmas and New Year period.


In the UK, people drink 41% more alcohol throughout December than any other month (www.hscic.gov.uk), and for this reason amongst many others there are extra patrols and roadside tests to tackle the deadly combination of drinking alcohol or taking drugs and driving.

Some Magistrates Courts are even reserving time slots to specifically deal with people who have been caught driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This means that offenders could lose their licence within a mere 24 hours after being caught.


However, the impact of drink or drug driving extends far wider than just the loss of a licence, which is why we are promoting this campaign within libraries, community venues, colleges, schools, pharmacies and workplaces throughout the West Midlands and North West.


If a person is prosecuted for drink or drug driving it can affect their whole life:

“How will I get to work?”

“Will my employer see the conviction, and could I lose my job?”

“How will I take my children to school?”

“I can’t afford to take taxis everywhere”.


The Christmas Drink and Drug Drive Campaigns are in place to ensure everyone behaves responsibly during Christmas and New Year, and doesn’t take a risk which could result in deadly consequences.



If you would like to raise awareness of this campaign in your college, workplace or community setting we would be delighted to help! Get in touch with us today to arrange your FREE display, or to find out how our Development Officers can assist you.