For many people, we are approaching the time of year they look forward to the most; the summer holidays. If you are fortunate enough to be going away, whether it’s abroad or a staycation in the U.K, our July campaign topic offers some useful advice on how you can make the most of your break whilst staying safe.


Our practical top tips will ensure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons!

Alcohol can cause you to become dehydrated. If you choose to drink, especially on a hot day, remember to alternate your alcoholic drinks with water. This will give your body a chance to process the alcohol you’re drinking and keep you hydrated.


Drinks sizes in bars and pubs abroad can be bigger than in the U.K. Pace yourself and know what your limits are so you don’t inadvertently drink more than you’re used to.


If your drink has been spiked you may not taste or smell any difference. Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know, and if you think your drink has been spiked, simply don’t drink it.


Some countries have very strict drug laws, so the safest option is to avoid using drugs altogether. Even some prescription medications may be illegal in other countries, so check before you travel.


No matter what country your travel to, even within Europe, make sure you have adequate travel insurance. If anything happens to you whilst you’re away it can be very costly if you need medical treatment. 


If you’re going on holiday, even within the U.K., find out from your hotel which areas are unsafe so you know where to avoid. Keep yourself safe by staying with your friends, or if you do need to become separated, tell them where you’re going.




We want everyone to have enjoyable summer holiday; an opportunity for rest and relaxation, and to escape the daily grind. Our free Community Health Information displays provide practical advice to ensure that everyone has fun in the sun! Our Development Officers can also deliver health events and sessions, especially beneficial to younger people in schools and colleges who may be going on a holiday without their parents for the first time.


This month, we have an information board aimed at younger children, giving them tips on how they can make the most of their summer break and keep themselves safe.

July is a busy month for our displays. They have been booked by a variety of venues throughout Solihull, Birmingham and Manchester used by the community, including libraries, employment centres, pharmacies, and medical centres, as well as schools and colleges.

It’s not too late to book your free board. Get in touch today for more information on how we can help you!