Throughout May the White Ribbon Association supports two very important international health days: World No Tobacco Day and World Asthma Day. We combine the two events to highlight the importance of stopping smoking and the many benefits of quitting.


There are many ways we can help raise awareness of this in your community setting, educational establishment or workplace. Our free Community Health Information displays, health events, sessions and assemblies are ideal for promoting the importance of a smoke free lifestyle.

The benefits of quitting smoking are well documented. Within minutes of stopping, the body starts to repair the indisputable damage caused by tobacco.


  • After 20 minutes

Pulse rate returns to normal


  • After 8 hours

Oxygen levels return to normal


  • After 48 hours

Lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris


  • After 72 hours

Breathing becomes easier and bronchial tubes relax


  • After 3-9 months

Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve and lung function increases by up to 10%


  • After 10 years

The risk of lung cancer falls to half that of someone who is still smoking



World No Tobacco Day is coordinated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) every year, with the aim to highlight the risks associated with tobacco use. This is not just from a health perspective, but the impact tobacco has on the wider environment and society.


It is estimated that over 300,000 million people suffer from asthma around the world, and World Asthma Day is dedicated to improving awareness of the condition and decreasing the number of people who die from asthma attacks.


For more information on both awareness days, visit the websites of the World Health Organisation and Global Initiative for Asthma.