We were invited to deliver our gambling/money management awareness assembly to the primary and junior students at Marston Green School in Solihull. The aim was for the younger children to understand the importance of looking after their money.


Through colourful and appealing illustrations the 15 minute assembly begins by discussing the different ways children might receive money (such as money for their birthday/Christmas or helping with chores around the home). The students were encouraged to share their ideas throughout, and the children at Marston Green School were very engaged and happy to be involved.


The assembly then introduced the character of Josh, and looked at ways he could spend or save his money. At this point the assembly discussed the concept of gambling, and a brief activity with a volunteer reinforced the unpredictability of this.


The children were very knowledgeable and interacted throughout the assembly. The all received a copy of the storyboard which they could colour in and keep so parents/carers could also appreciate what the children had learned in their assembly.