Location: St Georges School, Birmingham

Event: Educational Sessions

Awareness Topics: Gambling, Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol Awareness


As part of a new school we’re working with, we were invited by St Georges School in Birmingham to deliver educational sessions to their Year 12 students over four weeks, focussing on general awareness of all our core subjects; gambling, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. During the final week we also delivered an additional alcohol session to the Year 13 students, focussing on how to stay safe on a night out; particularly relevant as we approach the Christmas and New Year period.


The sessions provided general information to the students with the aim to reinforce and expand on any existing knowledge they may have, and encourage them to make safe and informed decisions as they progress into adulthood. Throughout the weeks we incorporated videos, group activities and discussions, and interactive resources to make the sessions as interesting and engaging as possible for the students.


We covered a range of different topics each week, such as:



Identifying problem gambling and how to break the habit

The impact of online gambling



The impact tobacco has on our body and the environment

E-cigarette awareness



The law on drugs and the impact of drug driving

New psychoactive substances, caffeine and cannabis awareness



The reasons people drink and the law on alcohol

Alcoholic units and the effect of alcohol poisoning



Despite being quiet at the start of our sessions, the students warmed up towards the end and demonstrated excellent awareness and knowledge of our four core subjects. The key point of the sessions was not to warn the students against engaging in certain activities, but instead to create informed individuals who felt confident to make decisions as they transition into the next stages of their lives.