We have been invited to deliver a series of assemblies and sessions to the students at Yew Tree School in Solihull throughout the coming year. Rachel delivered the first of these assemblies to children in Years 1 to 6, which focussed on how they can look after their money.


The 15 minute assembly was designed to be appealing and engaging to the different age ranges in the audience, by incorporating activities, maths questions and encouraging the children to participate as much as possible in answering questions.


As part of a money management week which the school was hosting, they requested that the assembly touched on the issue of gambling to create awareness of this to the younger children. The assembly focussed on a character who took a family holiday to the seaside. While he was there, he used some of his pocket money in a coin pusher machine at the amusement arcade, but he didn’t win. To emphasise the unpredictability of gambling, we also incorporated a dice activity for the children to understand that there are no guarantees what an outcome will be if they gamble.


We encouraged the students to think of other ways they could use their money, whether that is to spend it or save it, and also to think of other fun activities they could do instead of spending time indoors at amusement arcades.


The children at Yew Tree School were very engaging throughout the assembly, and we look forward to working with them further throughout this academic year.