Location: St Basils, Birmingham

Event: Educational Sessions

Awareness Topics: Alcohol Awareness


As part of a series of ongoing bookings Vickki has with St Basils, she was invited to deliver an alcohol awareness session to a group of young residents at one of their supported accommodation venues in  Birmingham. Rachel assisted Vickki with the booking.


The bookings form part of the Life Skills qualification which some of the young people are taking part in, and covers alcohol and drug awareness.


The session was an hour in length but thoroughly covered most topics related to alcohol awareness. As part of a number of criteria the course must meet, participants were informed of the following:

  • The differences in unit strengths
  • The possible causes of alcohol misuse
  • Some of the physical and psychological effects of alcohol
  • The effects that alcohol misuse can have on others
  • The health issues associated with alcohol misuse
  • The effects of withdrawing
  • Some of the agencies who offer help and information about alcohol misuse


To make the course as enjoyable as possible, Vickki incorporated videos, group activities and many of our interactive resources.