Location: Windy Arbor School, Solihull

Event: Educational Sessions

Awareness Topics: Alcohol and Tobacco Awareness


Vickki and Rachel were invited by Windy Arbor School in Solihull to deliver alcohol and tobacco awareness sessions to their Year 6 students. The sessions, each lasting approximately 1 hour, were designed to be fun and interesting for the younger students, whilst still delivering important information on the effects of alcohol and tobacco as they make the transition into secondary school.


Topics covered within each session were:

  • The effects of alcohol and tobacco on the body
  • How is alcohol measured and how much is too much alcohol?
  • Different attitudes to alcohol and tobacco
  • How to deal with risky behaviour and peer pressure
  • The laws on alcohol and tobacco
  • What are e-cigarettes?
  • The impact of smoking on the environment


Our development officers utilised workbooks which we have devised in house for Key Stage 2 education, and will be available to purchase soon. Each student had their own individual booklet to work through, and could follow each topic covered on the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Rachel and Vickki also incorporated some of our interactive resources to enhance the learning experience for all the students, including the units challenge, jars of tar and tar on the lungs activity.


Built into each session were opportunities for discussions and working within a team, and the students were very inquisitive about alcohol and tobacco throughout, asking some very pertinent questions. We hope that the young students we worked with feel better prepared to deal with some of the issues they may face as they progress into the next stage of their lives.