Location: St Francis of Assisi School, Aldridge

Event: Health Event

Awareness Topics: Alcohol Awareness


Continuing work we have been doing with St Francis of Assisi School, Vickki and Rachel delivered a health event to the Year 8 students focussing on alcohol awareness. The event took place during a lesson, and gave approximately 45 students a brief but thorough overview of the impact of alcohol.


The stand addressed the following key awareness issues:

  • Drink driving and the impact of drunk passengers

Two ‘cars’ were set up near to the stand and students had to distract the driver of the vehicle to illustrate the effect drunk passengers can have on a sober driver.

  • Units challenge

Information on unit amounts was given, and students were encouraged to pour out different measurements of units to give an idea of what a unit of alcohol looks like for various different drinks.

  • Safe Night Out activities

Several different activities were set up to demonstrate the vulnerabilities a person faces on a night out if they have drunk alcohol. Students were encouraged to try to withdraw money from an ATM, pick up belongings from the floor and walk in a straight line whilst wearing alcohol impairment goggles.

  • Impact of alcohol on the body

Organ models were displayed to demonstrate the impact alcohol has on various parts of the body, such as the liver and the heart.


We also utilised display boards which had been put together by a previous group of Year 8 health champions at the school, showing their campaign entitled ‘Limits 4 U’.


Although time was limited for the health event, our development officers made sure all students enjoyed the activities whilst still reinforcing the importance of the message to keep safe around alcohol. All students were also given a pack to take away, including leaflets and freebies such as pens and notepads.