Over a three-day period, our West Midlands Development Officer Vickki was invited to deliver six assemblies focussing on gambling awareness to students at Cockshut Hill School in Birmingham.


The assemblies reached a phenomenal of 1,200 students between the ages of 11 to 16. Each assembly gave the young individuals a brief overview of what gambling is (including the varied types of activities which are considered gambling), identifying problem gambling and addiction, and sources of information and support.


We incorporated a brief video clip which detailed a person’s first-hand experience with gambling addiction, the effect this had on his quality of life, as well as the impact felt by the people closest to him. This powerful and moving vignette also explained his ongoing struggle and how he continues to try and free himself from the addiction.


Overall, these short assemblies were well received by both the students and staff. If you would like to book an assembly, health event or educational session, get in touch with us today.