Location: Lancaster Girls Grammar School, Lancaster

Event: Health Event Stand and Educational Sessions

Awareness Topics: Legal Highs and Drink Driving


Following on from Rachel’s event in November, she was invited back to Lancaster Girls Grammar School to deliver a health event and two awareness sessions to their Year 13 students. On this occasion, she focussed on legal highs and drink driving.


The two sessions were 30 minutes each in length, and session one concentrated on legal highs. Rachel began by explaining what legal highs actually are and what is it that makes them ‘legal’. She highlighted their effects as well as the risks of using them, and finally clarified what the law is on legal highs and how the law is likely to change in the next year or so.


We always endeavour to make our sessions as interactive as possible, but this can be challenging when working with a large year group. During this legal highs session, Rachel incorporated a video detailing someone’s experiences using legal highs, as well as a demonstration of the Field Impairment Test using the drug impaired goggles whilst discussing the dangers of drug driving.


This led Rachel on to the second session about drink driving. She highlighted the legal and ‘safe’ limits of alcohol and explained the many ways alcohol effects everyone differently. Rachel then used our ‘alcohol clock’ activity to demonstrate how long alcohol can remain in the system and the impact this can have on driving ability. She discussed the dangers of drunk passengers using our ‘drunk passenger’ distraction game, and to end the session highlighted the law on drink driving.


Despite the shorter time for these sessions and the larger than usual audience, Rachel was able to engage with quite a number of them. She successfully delivered our message of awareness to ensure the students are able to make informed choices.



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