We were invited by Bishop Challoner School in Birmingham to partake in their Health and Wellbeing day for Year 11 students. The primary focus of the day was for students to develop themselves as individuals and improve their relationships with other people. We were asked to deliver educational sessions which concentrated on the impact of alcohol.


Our Development Officers Rachel and Vickki delivered five, hour-long sessions each, to groups of approximately 20 students. Utilising elements of our alcohol awareness work pack, which will be available to purchase soon, the session required students to consider the impact alcohol has on:


  • Their body
  • Their appearance
  • Their physical health
  • Their relationships with other people
  • Their mental wellbeing
  • Their sleep
  • Unborn babies


The class was split into teams and asked to complete a number of activities to encourage group discussion and idea sharing. We incorporated some of our own resources, such as the alcohol impairment goggles and the drug and alcohol affected dolls, as well as an activity where the students had to guess the number of calories in various alcoholic drinks. In the feedback, this proved to of particular interest to the group who didn’t realise the effect alcohol can have on appearance and physical health. We also showed a thought-provoking video which highlighted the damaging effect alcohol addiction can have on the family as well as the individual.


Overall, we felt the sessions were very well received. Although some students were more actively involved than others, all of them were encouraged to take part and reflect on the wider consequences if they choose to drink alcohol.


If you would like our Development Officers to deliver an educational session on any topics related to alcohol, drugs, tobacco or gambling then get in touch today to find out how we can help you!