Following on from the tobacco awareness assembly, Vickki was invited to deliver a second assembly covering alcohol awareness.

Many of the students demonstrated a sound understanding of how alcohol can affect the body so the assembly was an excellent way of reinforcing their existing knowledge.

The assembly focused on the impact alcohol has on our bodies, and pupils were encouraged to partake in the units challenge activity. This helped students to consider that alcoholic drinks vary in strength and can therefore affect the body differently. This was followed up by the walk the line activity which enabled the students to understand how alcohol impacts of co-ordination and balance.

A number of the interactive resources such as alcohol-affected heart, liver and kidneys were passed around the room so the students had an idea of how alcohol can damage our organs. They were also encouraged to think about the behavioural changes a person experiences when they drink alcohol.

The assembly also covered the indicators when someone has had too much to drink, which many of the students already knew. They were also encouraged to think about how they would help someone in an emergency, such as calling an ambulance.

The students were very inquisitive at the end and asked several pertinent questions about alcohol and the short and long term effect it can have on the body.