As part of our awareness assembly initiative, Vickki was invited by Kingshurst Primary School and Ulverley School to deliver two assemblies to Key Stage 2 pupils focusing on tobacco awareness.

The students were encouraged to consider the environmental impact smoking has, particularly for those in poor countries working on tobacco fields. In addition to this, several resources were taken along to demonstrate the consequences smoking has on health and wellbeing, such as the smoker’s foot model which illustrates the result of tobacco-related gangrene.

The tar and sponge activity was also used to show the impact smoking has on the lungs and provided the pupils with a visual representation of the effect it can have on the inside of the body.

At each assembly, the students were provided with a chance to ask any questions they had about tobacco and cigarettes. Several had questions regarding the use of e-cigarettes, highlighting their prominence in society today.

At Ulverley School the assembly was followed up with an opportunity for students to design a poster based on what they had learnt in the assembly. They were also given time to examine some of the interactive resources in more detail