Support our Work

There are several ways you can support the valuable work we do; become a member or friend of the White Ribbon Association, or make a donation.


Becoming a Member or a Friend of the White Ribbon Association


Becoming a Member or Friend enables us to:

  • Run interactive workshops and events with children, young people and adults
  • Work within communities to create empowered individuals who can make informed choices about their lifestyle and wellbeing
  • Create educational resources to expand our reach beyond the West Midlands region
  • Develop free attractive handouts for all audiences, providing factual information that can be passed on


It costs just £5 a year to become a Member or Friend. By signing the Declaration of Promise and becoming a Member of the White Ribbon Association, you will be entitled to wear the White Ribbon badge. This tradition dates back to the 1870’s and shows support for women’s temperance causes. A copy of the Declaration can be downloaded here, and then posted or emailed back to us using the information on the form.

If you’d prefer not to sign the Declaration of Promise, you can become a Friend of the White Ribbon Association.

Members and Friends will each receive several copies of the magazine, free samples of our resources and the knowledge that your subscription is supporting our vital work. To find out more, contact us today.

Make a Donation


If you don’t wish to subscribe to the White Ribbon Association at the moment, we gratefully accept donations.

Whilst we do make a very nominal charge for some of the services we deliver, we remain a nonprofit organisation focussing instead on ways we can further the aims White Ribbon Association. Giving a donation, no matter how big or small, will be invaluable for us. Your generosity will enable us to expand our resources, work with a greater number of schools, colleges and communities and continue to spread the name of the White Ribbon Association.

If you are a U.K taxpayer, please GiftAid your donation so the White Ribbon Association receives the full amount that you have donated.

Thank you!