There is little awareness created around problem gambling, but this destructive addiction can have deadly consequences for people who suffer in silence.


Whilst many individuals can and do partake in gambling activity harmlessly, whether that is playing the National Lottery or going to a casino on a night out with friends, for some it can spiral overwhelmingly out of control.

The aim of our information displays is to raise awareness of the devastation which can be caused through compulsive gambling, with advice on signs or indicators of addiction. The boards stress the importance of seeking help from professional organisations, and also gives guidance on methods to tackle a problem with gambling:

  • Self-exclusion

It’s not always well known, but all gambling establishments (including betting shops, casinos and gambling websites) must offer everyone the ability to exclude themselves. This can involve being refused entry or removed from databases for a set period of time.

  • Change of focus

When gambling becomes addictive it can be a very lonely activity. Finding other ways to spend time, such as joining a gym, learning a new skill or making more plans to meet with friends, can be a simple yet powerful way to break the habit.

  • Ask for support

There is absolutely no shame in admitting a problem with gambling. Keeping addiction hidden can easily compound the problem. Not everyone feels comfortable admitting they have a gambling addiction to their family or friends, but there are organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare who can provide expert confidential advice.


At the White Ribbon Association we are committed to raising awareness and providing advice into gambling addiction, as well as tobacco, alcohol and drugs. If you want to address these issues with your community, school, college or workplace, our Community Health Information is completely free to be a part of. Simply contact us for more information or to reserve your display.


During February you can view our displays at the following libraries, community venues and pharmacies across the West Midlands and North West:

(Libraries) Chelmsley Wood, Kingshurst, Castle Bromwich, Hobs Moat, Balsall Common. Croft Pharmacy, Solihull and the Big Life Centre, Salford.


Our Development Officers are also available to deliver Educational Sessions, Awareness Assemblies and Health Events for all ages; from Key Stage 1 to adults. All our resources are designed to be age appropriate for the group we are working with. For more information visit our Outreach Work page or get in touch.