Every year thousands of people join in with Dry January, a month-long opportunity to take a break from the booze after the excesses of Christmas and New Year.


There are so many good reasons to take part…


  • Save some money

You could save around £50 each month by abstaining from just a few glasses of wine or a few pints of beer each week.


  • Lose weight

Alcohol contains a lot of calories. Not only will Dry January give your body a chance to repair itself


  • Sleep better

As well as a more peaceful nights sleep, by taking part in Dry January you will feel more energetic the following morning.


  • Feel incredible

Lasting a whole month without alcohol might be a challenge, but you will feel amazing to have accomplished it by the end of January.


  • Do something good for charity

Dry January is co-ordinated by the charity Alcohol Concern. By signing up and asking friends, family and colleagues for sponsorship you will be raising funds to help support those impacted by alcohol.




It’s not too late to join the Dry January challenge. Visit the Alcohol Concern website to sign up and for more information and support throughout the month.



At the White Ribbon Association we are promoting Dry January by raising awareness through our Community Health Information Campaign. Displays have been sent to pharmacies, schools, colleges, workplaces, community settings and libraries across the West Midlands and North West. You can take part in this FREE campaign by clicking here. Our Development Officers are also available to raise awareness through our Health Events and Educational Sessions.